The Article of the month is a special article, that is better than most others. After being chosen, it is put on the Main Page for all visitors to see for one month.

Rules Edit

  • Page nominated for being the article of the month must comply with the rules.
  • Voters must have at least 5 edits here.
  • Any number of supports, opposes and neutrals may be voted by a voter, though only one vote per nominated article.
  • Voters can only nominate one article per month.
  • Nominations must be actual articles, not redirects, project pages, the main page, a userpage, a disambigation, or a talk page.

Previous Featured Articles Edit

Nominees Edit



  1. Andrew1219 00:06, 13 December 2008 (UTC)


  1. not much of an article Malum man!


Death by educational TVEdit


  • It's really funny and has lots of writing Malum man!
  • Agreed! It's quite probably the best page I've made!
    Matoro1BRW , BSCW, UnBW & TBW Admin An age isn’t dark because the sun doesn’t shine, it’s because we refuse to see the light.



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