thumb|300px|right|Advanced Gangsterthumb|300px|right|The Piraka in Gangster mode
The Piraka are vile gangsters and peaceful hippies at the same time,which causes complete mood swings.One second they can be really nice,then the next they could be very very scary,and mean. They have recently benn spotted trying to find a mask to cover their ugly faces.


  1. Zaktan AKA-Ugly hero
  2. Vezok AKA- Gum chewer
  3. Thok AKA- Cold Heart
  4. Avak AKA- The Thinker(You can also call him the Inventor)
  5. Hakhan AKA- Anger Managementless
  6. Reidak AKA- The Defeater of doors
  7. Vezon AKA- MR.Stupid (He is dead because a mutant weener dog killed him)

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