Matoran, also known as Bionicle Kids, Shrimps are the main race of the Bionicle world. They have populated every island with their evil ways. They are the greatest supporters of Mata Nui.

Matoran also have Destiny, where they can become Toa (basically taller with greater powers), and after that Turaga.

Almost all matoran are obese, because all they do is lay on their couches eating chips. Even though they're fat little midgets, they love to dance.

A large majority of the Matoran Population also have asberg syndrome, which causes violent outbursts, states of confussion and obsession with random things. An example would be Solek's Doctor Who obsession.

List of MatoranEdit

Mata Nui/ Metru NuiEdit







Voya Nui/ Mahri NuiEdit

Voya NuiEdit

Mahri NuiEdit

Karda NuiEdit


Shadow MatoranEdit

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