Death by Education TV was a way that Toa Gaaki tortured and killed Gukko birds in the Order of Hobos. It was later copied by the Brotherhood of Makuta as a method of torture for anyone who preferred Green Day to them. Of course, so few people like Green Day in was rarely used.
The most popular program is the movie 'High School Musical' which is the most vile, evil, putrid, wicked excuse for a movie that was ever created!

Known usersEdit

  • Toa Gaaki (Inventor)
  • Makuta Tridax

Known VictimsEdit

  • A number of Gukko
  • Makuta Kojol - He heard 'American Idiot' on the radio and begged Tridax to kill him.
  • Stewie Griffin.

Stewie Griffin being forced to watch High school Musical.

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