Agori were little fat people who stared in the Charlie and the Chocolate factory movie as the oompa-loompas.
Agori were weird little people who acted like toddlers, screaming and demanding candy from their local Glatorian. Agori could be Male, Female or neither. All Agori smelled of fudge and liked to rub ketchup in their faces. They also-like monkeys-sling poo at their enemies.

Known AgoriEdit

  • Raanu - The really old leader of the Fire Tribe
  • Metus - The uninteligable fast talker
  • Tarduk - AKA "Goose-flab-man"
  • Atakus - A scary thug who liked to eat rocks
  • Crotesius - The Fire-Tribe's local nerd
  • Scodonius - A local Water Tribe thug
  • Berix - The insane Agori of the Water Tribe who liked to put stuff in his mouth. Died of food poisoning.
  • Kirbold - An insane cat lover
  • Kirbraz
  • Kyry

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